Committee to Elect Marty Hume Judge
Welcome to the Marty Hume for Judge Website

Thank you for taking the time to review the information on this website.  I want to serve as your Judge in the Girard Municipal Court because I want to make a real positive difference in the quality of life in our community.   Here's what some people are saying about my candidacy.  I'd be delighted to hear from you. 


I have known Marty Hume for the past 18 years and have always found him to be a sincere, genuine and honest person.  As a practicing attorney his reputation is impeccable and never once was there any question about his integrety or commitment to the justice system.  I believe that his 30 years of successful private practice as an attorney will bring professionalism and honor to the bench as a judge!  GW 


Marty is not just a criminal lawyer, he has had a great deal of experience in all facets of civil practice, including successful litigation of civil cases.  With over 500 cases under his belt and more trials then there is time to list, Marty is uniquely qualified for this new position and looks forward to the challenges that he will face on the bench. RY